Guyana – The Amazon Adventure

Guyana – ‘South America’s Biggest Little Secret’, is an unspoilt, untouched,pristine nature destination. With its natural beauty, biological diversity and land of some of the world’s largest, rarest and spectacular creatures, a trip to Guyana will be an unforgettable experience for anyone.
Guyana’s natural beauty is unsurpassable with 75%of the country covered with rainforest.

The tumbling 741 feet waterfall, Kaieteur is one of the world’s most inspiring natural wonders. Kaieteur, situated in the Kaieteur National Park is home to many of the rarest and endangered species on earth. Home to the Blue Morpho Butterflies,the second largest Tank Promeliads in the world, the colorful Guiana Cock—of—the—rock, Swifts and the tiny Golden Frogs are just a few species of flora and fauna that can be seen in abundance around Kaieteur. Kaieteur is amongst one of the 300 Waterfalls that can be found in Guyana and is the longest single drop waterfall in the world, five times the size of Niagara.

Our 1.700 million years old Mount Roraima is the most famous Tepui in the world. This ancient flat—topped mountain was once part of the Gondwanaland before tectonic activity moved apart the continents of Africa and South America. Imagine yourself standing on this lunar-like surface with pools of clear cold water, crystal bed of rocks and unique species of flora around you.

For the nature and adventure lovers the Kanuku Mountains, recognised by Conservation International as being one of the few remaining pristine Amazon habitats,is an ideal place to visit. This picturesque mountain range forms a spectacular backdrop to our Rupununi Savannahs with its sculptured crowns peaking just below clumps of thick white clouds.

Guyana’s natural Jacuzzi, Orinduik Falls,is an ideal place for anyone to see. Rolling over steps and terraces of solid jaspers,with a backdrop of grass covered hills of the Pakaraima Mountains, Orinduik Falls is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful wonders of Guyana’s Hinterland.

With growing global concerns about climate change, Guyana possesses one of the most unique protected areas systems on earth. Iwokrama, occupying one million acres of green lush forest is a wonderland for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Iwokrama forest touted to be the ’Green Heart of Guyana’, is rich in natural resources and untouched beauty and is frequently visited by many scientists and biologists across the world.

Shell Beach extends for approximately 90 miles along Guyana’s northwestern shore. The area got its name from the intact to finely pulverised seashells of mollusks, bivalves and Univalves, which cover the stretch of beach.

Shell Beach is a unique ecosystem encompassing Mangrove Forests, inland swamp forests and savannahs and bordered by the Atlantic seaboard. This beach is the nesting ground for four of the world’s eight species of marine turtles, namely the Leatherback, Olive Ridley, Green and the Hawksbill which come here each year between March and July to nest among the shells.

Guyana through its rich biodiversity and with the worlds’ most intact rainforest,was an inspiration for great names like Arthur Conan Doyle’s (The Lost World) and TV directors like John Gimlette (the BBC’s Lost Land of the Jaguars), to name a few. It is a nature paradise waiting to be discovered.

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