Requirements for Foreign Private Vehicles entering the Federative Republic of Brazil
The Ministry of Home Affairs wishes to inform the general public that the requirements for foreign private vehicles entering the Federative Republic of Brazil are as follows;
 1. Original and copy of Identification Card
 2. Original and copy of vehicle Registration
 3. Original and copy of vehicle Insurance
 4. Original and copy of Driver’s License
 5. Original and copy of Passport with authorization issued by the Federal Police of Brazil.
 6. Original and copy of Health/ Immunization Card – (Yellow Fever); the vaccine must be taken at least ten (10) days before the person enters the country.
 7. A letter registered by a Notary Public from the owner of the vehicle or the rental Company for authorization to leave Guyana if the driver is not the owner of the vehicle. If the motor vehicle is registered in a Company’s name, the driver has to present a Social Contract of the Company that states that the (driver) as having partnership in the Company, so that the official authorization for the (driver) to leave the country of origin could be legally recognised.
At the Customs Office, persons would be required to fill a form at no cost and would receive admission into the Federative Republic of Brazil up to 90 days.
Ministry of Home Affairs
January 28, 2011
  • CopyRight @ 2009 Embassy of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, Beijing, China